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Storage Box Production Photos

by: modgrain

I just shipped my first storage box to a customer in the Portland area. She was thrilled with the “toy” box, it’s soft close lid, and the citrus smell. She has left positive feedback at Modgrain’s Etsy Store.

I learned a few things along the way. It’s one thing to build the furniture… it’s another thing to figure out how to ship it safely. UPS delivered the box undamaged… so, that’s good. However, it’s hard to be eco-friendly when packing furniture to ship long distances. It pained me to buy so much styrofoam. I’m doing research for the next time around and have found a cool product that I need to learn more about. It’s EcoCradle by ecovativedesign. Their packaging is biodegradable and home compostable. It’s made from seed husks and mushroom roots. EcoCradle perform similarly to synthetic foams, but it takes far less energy to produce, is made of natural materials and is eco-friendly every step of the way. I don’t do a ton of shipping, so I’ll be interested if I can get my hands on lower quantities of flat sheets.

Below are a few production photos of the finished storage box.

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